Happy Birthday Brody!

February 20, 2013

It took this momentous occasion to get me to finally update the blog!  I just can’t believe that our little guy is going to be a year tomorrow– it went by SO fast!  Much fast than I remember Desi’s first year.  To be fair, it has been quite an adventurous year.

A year ago tonight my biggest concern was how I could possibly love this baby as much as I loved Des– I was very sad for Des to be bringing this new baby into the world that would take away so much of my time I had just for him.  Boy, was that worry I didn’t need!!  Your ability to love truely does expand exponentially, and giving Desi Brody as a brother is most likely the best gift I will ever give to him.  They are already best buds.

In looking back, here is a list of all of the things our little man expirienced in the past year:

  • Met his big Brother (and mom and dad of course!)
  • Sold our house in Santa Barbara
  • Flew to the east coast to meet his Great Grandma
  • A LONG drive from Santa Barbara to Oregon
  • Family vacation in Boulder (100+ degrees!)
  • Moved into new house in Seattle
  • Flirted with a series of nanny’s as mom went back to work (and we didn’t have the best luck)
  • Beer Pong!
  • Weekend away to Bainbridge Island
  • Met Santa (was not impressed)
  • Went sledding
  • Visit back to Santa Barbara (not that he remembers it)
  • First steps (we didn’t miss it!)
  • Too many kisses to count, from all of the people who love him and came to visit us– he really is one lucky kid!

And while he is lucky, I count my blessings every day to have such a sweet, silly boy join our family.  Brody could not be a better fit for us, and Desi could not be a better big brother.  Jason continues to be an incredible dad to them both– I think the three of them started wrestling when B was about 3 months old.  It’s only become more hilarious (and stressful!) to watch since then.

We love you Brody, Toady, little fellow, and can’t wait to watch you grow!


One Response to “Happy Birthday Brody!”

  1. Laurie said

    This is so great!!!

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